Shiny App for looking at Models

How many times do you hear “That model looks good, but what happens if you add/take out this variable”?  I’ve heard it one too many times and I finally have tools to combat this problem.

Introducing my first “out there” Shiny App:

The app allows you to toggle on/off a set of predictors, and select from a list of outcomes, and presents the GLM of that (hopefully with correct interpretation of estimates).  If you want more families, it shouldn’t be hard.  It also shows you the generalized added variable plot from `car` package, so you can look at your heart’s desire for non-linearity in your predictors.

Steps to use (in terminal)

git clone

(or just download server.R ui.R)

setwd(“DIRECTORY those files are in”)



That’s it!  I have loaded up some mock data set in there that mimicked what I was working on, so make sure you don’t think I added real data.  Let me know if you like it (I’m not adding more features at this time – just a work in progress).  If you want to learn more, check out and their great tutorials.