SMART Hackathon 2014

Today is our SMART group's 2014 Hackathon! We will be at an undisclosed location, just plugging away at code/packages/apps. The mission statement:

There's no structure except that you have to work on a software
project and you have to present what you accomplished or didn't at a
subsequent SMART meeting.

We will be tweeting at #JHUSMARThack for the next two days.

I personally will be working on a suite of imaging tools for R for MS lesion imaging, white matter segmentation, CT image analysis, and a package integrating FSL and R: fslr.

I hope to get a lot of commits and some feedback on the package from the group. Let me know if you want to check any of them out and if you want any functionality with them!

3 thoughts on “SMART Hackathon 2014

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