ENAR 2014 Searcher #ENAR2014

To those going to ENAR this year:

Are you trying to find who’s presenting at ENAR from your department but all that pdf searching got you down?  Are you trying to make an itinerary but dislike copying and pasting from a pdf?  Well I have a Shiny App for you!

At https://muschellij2.shinyapps.io/ENAR_2014, you can see all the sessions for ENAR 2014 in a nice tabular view.  And…with a SEARCH BAR!


The search bar takes regular expressions (going into grep) on the Session Name and Title of the talk.  The title of the talk includes the authors and their affiliations.  You can filter by day, session, and search term.

Then, whenever your heart desires, to download the table as a CSV (comma separated value).  That can be read into Excel and other programs that do calendars and stuff!

I hope this helps those trying to make an itinerary and truly go paperless.   The data is available here.

Posters are excluded (you should be able to see all of them during the session).  Also they have a different format in the pdf.

Let me know your feedback. (if posters have a lot of need – I’ll try to add them)

2 thoughts on “ENAR 2014 Searcher #ENAR2014

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