Mavericks and RStudio

Mavericks and RStudio

I just upgraded to OSX Mavericks and RStudio Preview. I like the RStudio Presentation mode and saw that they added a new R-HTML type document (along with a pres document). I’m a big fan of Shiny, but thought that the live preview in the plots page was pretty slick.

Now, with Mavericks, my X11 went crazy. I had just installed XQuartz when upgrading to Mountain Lion, but when Knitting, I was having it come up with X11 problems, and X11 windows would not load when I was working on my cluster interactive sessions. I Googled around for an X11 solution. After re-installing XQuartz, it’s all good on the X11 front.

I also found that RStudio is slow. After installing the “new” RStudio, it pretty much exactly became a Glimmer or Spark Session where you’re interacting with all menus from RStudio and nothing from the Mac toolbar (which I knew going into downloading). It’s not lagging as it was with the previous RStudio version, so if you upgraded to Mavericks, download immediately. If not, and use R regularly (especially for things like making posts with knitr!), I’d hold off on the Mavericks update until RStudio fixes the issues.

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