Comp Ravings Part 3

Comps, you are a cruel mistress.  In some ways it’s easy to take the hours of studying, the shared misery/complaining of how “unfair” comps are and such with other students.  It helps prepare you to go through something you really don’t want to do but you need to do for a higher goal.  I see this as something in academia that you will need to do in the future (i.e. grants).  But one thing that just blows all that out of the water? Really nice weather and holiday weekends.  

Today is Memorial Day.  Am I spending it remembering how my grandfathers and other veterans fought in wars?  No, but I cannot earnestly say I’d be doing that if I weren’t studying.  As some who know me, I love the beach.  The sand, the spray, friends from home, the sun – it doesn’t get much better.  So getting messages about all those lovely things while being shackled and caged at a desk is insufferable at times. 

So what can you do?  

1) Request comps to be in the winter.  This is not really a feasible option as most programs start in September and you know almost nothing at that time and if you waited 6 months after your classes it’d be 10x worse when it came to studying.  But I figured I’d suggest it because hey you’re already miserable during the sunless weather calamity depression that is winter. 

2) Study outside.  Most places have great places to eat for lunch, and you can set up shop there.  If you’re not doing computer work, that’s more the better.  I’m usually very pro-electronic only, but if it gets me outside, I’m going to that printer and taking down some trees.  Things to look for – places with outside seating that isn’t very windy, outlets if you need juice, mobile (read outside) blackboards – believe me, they exist.  But be forewarned, you may look like you’re John Nash in A Beautiful Mind.  

3) Find a view.  Some places (top floors of buildings are good).  Trust me – when it’s sunny – this  is where I want to be.Image


4)  Make Food Fun!  No – I’m not talking about Pinterest meals.  I’m saying you have to eat, so try to meet up with the friends/significant others/pets you’ve been neglecting lately.

5) Apparently writing blog posts gets out some thoughts and is a short pleasant distraction.

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